Beginners Level

The teacher at this level is Mrs Kyriaki Kokavesi is a Qualified Teacher(UK) with a degree in Science of Sociology. She is trained in Positive Parenting Skills and Children Centre Volunteer.

She is a dedicated teacher, she loves to use stories and storytelling to help children feel comfortable with the Greek language, Greek vocabulary. Along with storytelling, she likes to use activities in class that will ignite communication in the Greek language.


Working in groups is a wonderful way to help children learn together but also give the opportunity to each child to develop independently.

Primary Level

The teacher at this level is Mr Kostas Filaitis. He was born in Athens in 1966. He has studied sciences of education in the Rallios Educational Academy of  Piraeus (1988) and in the Kapodistrian University of Athens. He has been working as a primary school teacher in schools in Athens since 1998, while he has been spending his creative time between London and Athens since 2012. He participated in many conferences/workshops about the educational process, whilst he has organized a number of successful educational projects/presentations.He has specialized in the use of new technologies into the educational process.