Who We Are

Bromley Greek Language School was created to serve students who want to learn to read, write and speak the Greek language.

  • Our mission: Help children learn to speak, write and read Greek with confidence.

We are a Limited by Guarantee company which means all our profits are invested back to school.


We want children to learn to speak, read and write in Greek and learn about the Greek culture and customs. We will use various interactive methods to engage with the students and make the learning process as pleasant as possible.

Our Story

A few years ago a team of Greeks living in Bromley decided to set up a group on Facebook called ‘ Bromley Greeks’ to see how many Greeks are based in Bromley and the surrounded areas and connect with them. The group grew bigger and bigger, parents of the group have expressed the need for a Greek school based in the Bromley area, however, we knew that a school will be something that needs lots of planning. After committed work with teachers and parents, the Bromley Greek Language School became a reality.


Engaging with students







Our Books:

We will be using various books to support our students in their learning process.

Some of the books we’ll be using are Klik sta Ellinika by the Centre for the Greek Language, the approach is learning Greek as a foreign language.